X-Plora: Almeida Case Study

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Last year, we developed and delivered the X-Plora augmented tour for the town of Almeida, in the interior of Portugal. Here is the case study that showcases the major solutions applied in this project.


The year was 1810. Napoleon’s invading troops conquered and later blew up the Castle of Almeida.

Portugal eventually got its territory back. But Almeida was forever without its castle.

So how can this historic village promote tourism, if its main attraction exploded over two hundred years ago?

Presenting X-Plora: Almeida Case Study.

X-Plora is a revolutionary multi-solution self-guided tour that uses state of the art technology to drive users along their visit in a totally interactive and immersive way.

Through X-Plora, Almeida’s visitors are able to time-travel back two hundred years, and see before their eyes the long-gone Almeida Castle, the inhabitants, the troops, and get a better understanding of how it all was, back in the nineteenth century.

From the get go, X-Plora is all about enhancing the pre-existing tour through technology, improving the storytelling, the engagement and the overall experience.

Our team set upon a journey to accurately recreate some key historical elements of the village. The entire castle was digitally brought back to life. Now visitors can not only see before their own eyes how it once was and where it once was, but they are also able to walk inside one of its old tunnels! A military camp was also recreated in a 360 degree experience and the old monastery of Senhora Loreto was also reborn. Just to name a few examples.

Markers were placed throughout the village, which trigger contextualized information and content as the visitor walks around. It is a truly immersive experience.

Explore Almeida beyond your five senses. Put on your armor, download the app, and depart on this adventure!

X-Plora: Level up the experience! 

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