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Depending on the size of the municipality, the sports facilities that it comprehends may amount to thousands. And the existence of a regularly updated registry of those facilities is legally mandatory.

In the past, this registry and its updating was a lengthy process, with paper output, and with limited interest. What we were asked to do was transform this (inevitably) time-consuming process into a digital output with maximized interest.

And so comes the multipurpose X-Plora framework, used in this case to create a directory with all the sports facilities in Porto, with geo-referencing and using Augmented Reality to offer the user the possibility of viewing what is around them, and their distance from them.

In addition, we offered the possibility to also introduce all sporting events taking place in the coming periods, as well as to introduce all existing clubs, the sports offered by them and also the levels covered.

“In the palm of your hand, the user has access to a complete map of the entire sports universe in his city”

In short, from a heavy and static directory on paper, a dynamic app was created with a range of relevant information for the amateur sports community in the city of Porto.

It is further proof of the advantages of an intelligent use of digital, with a user-centered approach. And yet another test of the versatility of the X-Plora framework.

July 9, 2020
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