Arraiolos Municipality

The carpets of Arraiolos are one of Portugal’s oldest traditions, which produces nationally and internationally acclaimed products. CITA is an interpretive center dedicated to this art form.

So, when talking about such a typical product and such a secular tradition, a mix with top-of-the art technology is bound to make sparks. That was the motto for CITA to get in touch and ask us to use our X-Plora framework to, once again, enhance the experience.

We developed a guide for the venue, that not only guides users throughout the exhibit, but uses technology to create a more engaging storytelling.

We are talking about a museum that showcases very old and traditional art form, and bringing it together with technologies such as Augmented Reality doesn’t overshadows what exists, but it adds an extra layer of value.

Just to name a few of the solutions inside the app, through Augmented Reality we allow users to see the original colors of old carpets, damaged and worn out with time; we showed the several processes and tasks that artisans perform in the creation process, and we recreated the long-gone traditional dye shops.

Like always, all these experiences are available directly from the visitor’s smartphones, or by renting a device in the venue.

June 17, 2020
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