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Benfica Tour 360º

SL Benfica

Every year, 150.000 people take the SL Benfica’s stadium tour. So why change a winning formula? To make it unforgettable.

By adopting X-Plora, Benfica revolutionized the way they operate their tours. A tour guide is no longer needed to guide 20 visitors along a pre-defined path. The Benfica Tour 360º app itself guides the users, at their own pace, seeing custom-created content and creating user-generated content along the way. At the end of the tour, they can compile their experience into a personalized tour video to share on their social media or to remember their visit in the future.

“It brings together the club’s rich content with contextualized solutions, making you feel you are living a match day experience.”

Taking the pre-existing tour as a starting point, we studied the best way to improve the experience at each of the key points of the tour.
The result was the Benfica Tour 360º app, a total transformation of a standard tour around an empty venue, giving it life and offering the visitor an experience that resembles the effervescence of a game day.

Watch the stadium fill up from zero to 60,000 fans in 36oº; see the team in the dressing room, going through the tunnel and up to the pitch; fly with the eagle; among many other experiences that increased the interactivity and immersiveness of the visit to Estádio da Luz.

November 30, 2018
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