How to maximize user data?

Museums, tours and other equivalent experiences all face the same challenge: how to extract valuable data from their visitors?

Data they can use to better profile their clients and, in turn, to better adapt the experience to their expectations, and ultimately to enhance the brand-client relationship?

It’s a hard challenge, many times manual: for instance, a survey at the end, or a team that manually profiles the visitors during the visit.

When creating X-Plora’s version for SL Benfica (available on the stores to be used in the Stadium Tour), we gave ourselves that challenge. How could we maximize user data for a club that receives 150,000 tour visitors per year?

With the brand-new RGPD we had our work cut out for us, as in-app registration should not be mandatory.

However, by inserting content-creation spots throughout the visit, and ultimately compiling them all together at the end of the experience, in what we called the Supporter’s video, we gave the visitor’s value – this unique video of their experience would be sent to their email for posterior viewing, or for social media sharing – in return for the registration.

The results didn’t take long to show, as the vast majority of users ended up providing their data inside app and, in turn, to Benfica, which largely increased the data they obtained from their visitors and the contacts they had for future brand activations.

Here is a sample of SL Benfica’s Supporter’s video first version:

Interested in creating an immersive experience for your visitors, being in your physical space, or a virtual tour? Get in touch with our team!

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