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Our team has created multiple Augmented Reality solutions for very distinct purposes. Why not allow your sales team to showcase your products in any space? Or even bring your product inside your client’s house, in the comfort of their living room?Users can interact with the product, seeing it in detail, with all the information and detail you choose to share.Reach your clients in this interactive and innovative way, as set your company apart from the competition.

Virtual Tours

We’ve also developed several Virtual Tours, guiding users throughout digital spaces – showcasing the brand’s installations, their products and/or services and linking it to the online shop in a seamless fashion.By making your space available online and using it creatively, you will be ableto creatively overcome your competition, by providing animmersive experience for both clients, partners and suppliers. Benefit from analytics to understand how all entities interact with your venue and make quick, effective adjustments.

At X-Plora, we use state-of-the-art technology to help your business innovate, grow, and stay ahead of the game. Our team has a proven track-record in virtual contextualized tours and innovative cross-media solutions.

Why innovate with X-Plora?

Sell More

– Showcase your product in a better way. More innovation, more clarity, higher sales – Showcase your product anywhere, anytime. Your client can be in his living room, trying it out and ordering it. – Your selling team will have a more complete, innovative sales pitch. – Your brand will be more dynamic and modern than your competitor. Your client values innovation.

Reduce Costs

– 100% digital, innovative, eco-friendly solutions. – Reduced travel costs, as your client doesn’t need to get our his sofa. – Your sales team will have a digital solution to showcase your product. No travelling, no printing, to transporting products. – With AR potential buyers can preview how your product will integrate with their spaces, without the need to bring the actual product.


– Your brand will have an innovative, immersive, state of the art solution. – This bet in innovation showcases your brand’s values in digital transformation. – Innovation is not science fiction. It is not the future. It is an investment with short-term results. – This switch to innovative and digital solutions is already happening. Your brand either leads now of follows later.


Of leading consumer brands are starting to invest in immersive experiences.


Of the consumer remember brands that regularly engage them with immersive technologies.


Of consumers are more likely to buy a product after engaging in a meaningful experience with the brand.

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