I’m not incapable, I’m just different – and X-Plora realized this.

My name is Jorge Silva, I am 50 years old and I have worked in the computer area since I was 19.

When I was 22 years old, I discovered that I had a psychological illness: I am bi-polar. A few years later, I discovered that I suffered from another chronic disease: chron’s disease.

With these two illnesses, I was assigned 72% (!!!) disability, making me officially “disabled”. 🙂

During my entire life, I tried, as much as possible, to never hide that fact. Being medicated, I had control over these diseases.

Last year (2019), for 4 months, I was looking for a new professional opportunity until an interview at X-Plora came up.

The first impression in our lives is almost always the one that makes the biggest impact.

First positive aspect when arriving at X-Plora’s office: I came across an excellent location, positioned right in front of the Douro River. Just looking at the landscape for about 15 minutes can ease the most concerned of minds – and those who work in the computer field know how disturbed our minds can get, sometimes.

My interview was with the development team leader. A super interesting dialogue. It didn’t look like an interview with a stranger, it looked like almost two people who hadn’t seen each other for a while, talking about what they had been doing and their future perspectives.

I was hired. (Hurray!)

Even knowing I was “disabled”, they believed in my capabilities. They saw beyond the percentage, they believed in me and that means a lot to me. In the past, when other people heard of my “difficulties”, they immediately closed the door on me. X-Plora did not.

Since joining X-Plora, I have been team spirit, mutual help, support and encouragement on a daily basis. I have had some surprises, and all of them have been pleasant.

One of the values ​​that I value most is the family.

And it is with great pride that I say that at X-Plora we are a family. A family in which I felt integrated from the beginning, from the first moment. And that feeling I have experienced it every day, even in this period of confinement, when we have not been working in the same space and still, we feel close.

That is why, when asked to write a work-related article for our website’s blog, I decided to talk not about what we’ve been working on, but how it has been to work at.

– Jorge Silva

X-Plora’s iOS Developer.

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