A door to new opportunities.

While writing this article, I intend to navigate through what this “thing” of getting a new job is, these days and from the point of view of a kid who just finished his degree and asks himself “what comes next?”.

In my case, I realized that I would like to try my luck working in the area, adding experience and some extra weight to my backpack (I believe that there is nothing more palpable or demonstrative than being hands-on).

Learning how to deal with a “No” was very hard. However, I truly think that this “No” should be seen more as a motivating factor that leads us to send even more and more e-mails and do more and more research so that, eventually, in the middle of so many “No’s”, a “Yes” appears and an interview is scheduled – one of the best feelings in the middle of this breathtaking process! But nothing overrides the sense of knowing that we are actually hired.

Finally, I arrived at X-Plora, and now this new world of being employed awaits me, but also the challenge of starting my first job in the middle of a global pandemic.

To start, I can address the most obvious factor: teleworking. This brings along new obstacles that, until now, companies were not used to having to overcome. For example: dealing with the employee’s houses being their new offices, inside of which employees have to learn to share their workspace with their families (if applicable) since they also need their spaces to live/work; there is also no more in-person contact, therefore organizational environment loses all merit since the elements that make up the company are physically distant.

The ideal atmosphere ceases to exist; so, all of this should (in theory obviously) lead to a decrease in performance and focus, since there is an additional layer of distracting factors around us, which surpass us – over which, we have no power of action. We can try to create the best possible environment to work in, but it will never be the same when compared to a unique space exclusively dedicated to work and productivity.

Regardless of what’s expected in the face of these unfortunate circumstances, ever since my first day at X-Plora, I didn’t feel affected by those factors, and I easily integrated the “family”. My colleagues were always keen on getting me involved in all the projects and in the meetings they had, so that I was more and more familiarized with the company’s developments and processes.


It was also fascinating being suddenly inside the world of immersive experiences, such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), 3D Sound, Mixed Reality, and becoming increasingly aware of the potential these technologies have and the doors they can open in the hands of the right people. That’s what I take pride in working at X-Plora, we grapple with these concepts and creatively apply them where no one else thought of applying them before. By giving life to art concepts or resurrecting previously destroyed monuments and much more, X-Plora is able to help the museum and cultural industry flourish with the new technologies and survive despite this new reality.

But X-Plora doesn’t stop there. The team is constantly searching and analyzing all possible implementations for our products and creativity, from guiding users through cities with smart city technology – smart guiding – to showcasing products in fully virtual and interactive spaces, X-Plora is already developing and innovating in areas such as retail, cities, sports and even industry.


And then I come along, a newcomer that despite this different reality, never felt like a stranger or troubled by the unusual experience that this pandemic seems to have normalized. “Times change, desires change” – Mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se as vontades, as a traditional Portuguese intervention song says – and that’s exactly what X-Plora did. The company faced the situation promptly and in an always understanding manner, showing, in the person of CEO Mafalda Ricca, total comprehension and flexibility concerning these referred situations. By betting on daily meetings to provide a joint moment between collaborators, thus creating a virtual space in which we all discuss work, but also maintain a close relationship with each other, the X-Plora team and company proved they embrace their employees as a family. With that mindset, we’re able to look to the future with the hope and determination that, together, we will reach our goals.


– João Teixeira

X-Plora’s Junior Business Developer.

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