Designing for Everyone, not Anyone

“Leave room for more, while making less work just as fine.”

When a product targets a broad audience, it must have a flexible communication in order to reach everyone. This inclusiveness, however, doesn’t mean you should think of your audience as a one-sided organism. In fact, in order to make coherent design choices, you have to understand the different characteristics that “break up” the audience in to several groups, and have a firm idea of who will be using the product. In other words, you’re designing for everyone, not anyone.

X-plora can be essentially divided into 5 areas of expertise:
• Sports and Venues
• Museums and Heritage
• Retail and Malls
• Tourism and City Tours
• Industry

This is a first level of segmentation – Our Clients. In order to create a base that can be applied into any of these categories we have to first recognize that different areas require different necessities. The challenge here is to create an experience that is easily adaptable to any given situation, without losing its core usability. Leave room for more, while making less work just as fine.

With that said, it brings us to the second level of segmentation – The user. We aim to create an experience that is satisfying for every type of user, and to do so, not only do we try to find the best solutions thinking from their point of view, but we also create a customizable experience.

On the first half we work on acknowledging different types of demographic. In other words, we focus on Accessibility and Inclusivity. Providing different, and interchangeable experiences for several types of users – based on common needs (age, disabilities, etc.).

On the second half we focus on the user individuality. Their interests, profile and location. We do that by joining two functionalities: personalization and contextualization. This means that we identify the type of user, their preferences, in order to provide him a customized experience. A truly rich venue has different layers that we need to provide in the app. Are we talking to a child, to a young adult, to a more mature audience? Are they more into the history of what we are showing, or the aesthetics? Just to name a couple of examples. The X-Plora app even detects a visitor’s location and suggests optimal routes. All to provide the best experience possible, enhancing and not overpowering the exhibition.

Exercising restraint and creating a product that offers simplistic adaptation, allied with the technology required to make it a unique experience for each user – this was our solution in designing a product for Everyone.

– Rodrigo Sousa Pinto

X-Plora’s Designer.

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