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Guide your visitors while generating engagement and revenue

Create visitor focused experiences with unique and immersive content for your different audiences. Engage with your visitors like never before and generate alternative sources of revenue.

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Augmented Tours

With X-Plora Augmented Tours, tourists are be able to visit their favourite destinations, interacting in an innovative way with monuments, buildings, landscapes, museums, stores and much more!

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Smart cities/Turismo

An intuitive and immersive guide to smart cities and innovative, sustainable tourism.



Create a disruptive guide for your culture space and increase sales and visitor engagement.


Commerce / Retail

A unique directory for local commerce that enables a revolutionary shopping experience.


Virtual Tours

Make your location available anywhere and allow people from all over the world to visit your space and interact with your content, regardless of the conditions!

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360º Capture

Convert your space or city into an immersive 360°, interactive virtual destination


3D Enviroments

A 3D copy of a space/place where we can add various interactive elements



We create a custom 3D space for you where you can tell stories, showcase art, sell local products, and more!



Let your visitors be guided, have fun, solve challenges and earn unique a useful rewards! All in the same place.

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Tour guides made fun

Allow your visitors to get to know your site while having fun and being truly engaged, using our gamification system.


Earn by solving

Users will solve challenges related with the spaces they’re visiting and earn discounts, vouchers and much more!


Connect with the community

Get to know your greatest brand ambassadors with leaderboards and analytics.


X-Plora Travel Pass

X-Plora NFTs will allow users to access and unlock different in-app and on site disruptive and exclusive experiences and also benefit from discounts and vouchers from X-Plora travel partners based on a destination or thematic.

This benefits come in different shapes and forms:

Exclusive Access

Food and Catering






Want to join the ecosystem or have your own NFT Pass?

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Experience Builder

One single place to build all your visitor experiences!

Manage your venue, your visits and all your experiences, either augmented or virtual in the same, easy to use platform.

Our experience builder allows you to easily create memorable experiences using our state of the art content management system.

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Port Sunlight Village

Port Sunlight was created by a Victorian-era entrepreneur William Lever to accommodate his manufacturing workers! And now, via X-Plora, its visitors are able to travel through time and get to know every single detail and the hidden history using top of the line technology…


National Railway Museum

The Railway Museum was looking for disruptive and innovative solutions We then created an experience that, in addition to the guided tour of museum, allows the user to have a unique and memorable experience.


Benfica Stadium Tour

By using X-Plora, Benfica changed the way they do tours. A tour guide is no longer needed to guide visitors along a pre-defined path.


Vista Alegre Showroom

Vista Alegre is a luxurious dishware Portuguese Brand known for its one of a kind products. Big part of Vista Alegre’s business was their B2B segment. With X-Plora Virtual Showroom they are now able to reach all previous and even new customers


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