Level up the experience!

This app guides users throughout the visit in a City, a Museum, a Stadium or even inside a Castle in a totally interactive and immersive way. As the visitors move around, the app keeps providing customized information ( video, pictures or audio ), determined by their exact location.

This app also allows users to explore Virtual and Augmented Reality functionalities, as well as Binaural Sound.

Visitors are able to save their favourite contents along the visit and add pictures to their personal profile. At the end of the visit, the app keeps record of your tour. Developed for both IOS and Android systems, this app is surely going to largely enhance the overall experience of tours and visits!


Through beacons technology specific contents are triggered and shown in the visitor’s device. These contents are related with the detected spots and objects.


Supported by a contextualization system, X-Plora detects the visitor’s location and suggests
optimal routes and paths adapting to their profiles.
For each visitor, according to their preferences, the app selects the content to be visualized.

3d Immersive Audio

Audio recording techniques based on referenciation algorithms allow X-Plora app to relate audio and visuals with the environment / surroundings.

AR/Mixed Reality

Combining Virtual an Real elements, X-Plora app supports the integration of
Mixed / Augmented Reality environments to provide a better and more contextualized
perception of space and elements.

VR/360 Video

360 and Virtual Reality content are used to expand the tradicional space boundaries.
Virtual Tours app creates immersive environments that can be experienced using visitors own devices.

Customised Visits

This module considers four different customized experiences. Every content provided turns into a specific kind of output, depending on the previously chosen profile: Adult, Children, Blind or Deaf-Mute people.

SL Benfica Case Study

With over 50 million fans worldwide, SL Benfica is one of the biggest clubs in the world. Every year, 150,000 people take the Estádio da Luz tour for an exclusive experience.

In order to take this tour to the next level, the club chose the X-Plora app. The result is the union of the club’s rich content with our state of the art solution, upgrading the tour’s storytelling to turn this experience into something unforgettable.

The original tour was composed of 15 key-locations. All of them were upgraded and a studio was created in order to provide multimedia experiences that fans can take home and share with the world their SL Benfica experience.