Take your visitors on a 360º visit of your space, allowing them to interact with the works and to be guided through an immersive experience defined by you.

Your venue can be recreated in Virtual Reality of through 360º capture, making it available online, adding layers of interactivity, informative or entertaining content, gamification and even e-commerce.


Take full control of the visitor’s experience: X-Plora detects the user's location, guiding him through the exhibition and triggering content when and where you want it.

Depending on the conditions of your venue, we use different technologies such as beacons, wifi or gps, or combine them for the best result possible.


X-Plora allows all media formats, allowing you to break the barrier of what’s possible with innovative and quality content that will set your experience apart from the competition.

Our team is highly experienced in the creation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360º content, Binaural audio, amongst all the content you need to tell your story in an unique fashion.


Not all visitors are alike. X-Plora allows you to create as many custom experiences as desired, aimed at different targets: adults, children, blind or deaf-mute, etc.

Make your visitor’s experience as custom-made as you want. Tell your story in different ways to different targets and give each one of your visitors a truly tailor-made visit.


Never forget Data! Our intuitive backend allows admins to easily update content and provides comprehensive data one can read, understand and analyze in order to make better and faster decisions.

This gives admins 100% liberty to study the performance of the experience and to optimize it accordingly.


Engagement is key. Strong storytelling is the backbone of a rich experience and gamification will keep your visitor interested and increase both data and revenues.

Challenge your visitor throughout the tour, allowing him to earn points he can afterwards redeem in the gift shop or online.

tour 36oº
sl benfica

Every year, 150.000 people take the SL Benfica’s stadium tour. So why change a winning formula?

To make it unforgettable.

Pixel & Code by X-Plora